Organic farm

Organic farm
Organic farm

Started by a lady scientist, the Organic farm is an unconventional one which in many ways is unique and ground breaking.

Trying to re-establish a relation between land, farmer and cattle, the practices here are based on various sustainable farming principles like no-till farming, cow-based farming, natural farming, permaculture etc.

The main project going on at farm is ‘soil restoration using cattle’.

What you will see?

Indigenous species of cattle, the way they are being used to taking care of Ecosystem, Food forests, an insight into Microbial processes etc……A peek into modern farming with roots in our age old tradition, for the interested this visit will be unforgettable!

Organic farm


Organic farm visit near Jaipur at Rs 1200 per person (min 2 persons)

Remark: Transportation by private taxi (Sedan type) would be an extra cost at Rs 1500.

⦁ Enjoy a simple, healthy, testy lunch at farm. Learn of the practices being followed
here by our young & knowledgeable guide Ms Manisha Bairwa