A workshop on natural soap and antiseptic cream

Arya Niwas Hospitality Jaipur organizes these very interesting workshops (on request) on natural soap and cream.

In our modern world one HUGE fear that we all face is the fear of infection, rather the fear of bacteria.

This has given rise to a HUGE industry in soaps, cosmetics and so on.

Turn on your Television and you will see so many advertisements that caution you against mud, against the bacteria lurking in water, in air and everywhere AND their superb new product that will kill all the germs if used.

A great and noble fight against infection !!


Yes germs have to be killed but are we not exposing our bodies to harmful chemicals too??

The whole purpose of soap should be to clean the body and detox, and NOT to introduce harmful chemicals into our body and into the water that we use, that goes on to pollute our lakes, rivers and streams!

There are several natural ways to clean but thanks to the indoctrination, we do not FEEL clean till we have rubbed some sort of nice smelling white foam on our skins.

Let us try and explore the hidden treasures of ancient wisdom and beauty treatments!

This workshops helps you learn how to make natural soap and anti septic cream with easily available local material.

And it is not all learning, the workshop promises to be a lot of fun while you listen to stories from the teachers and knead clay, add natural extracts and set about making your own health care and beauty products!