Water Walk at Amber Palace

Water Walk at Amber Palace



The extensive water system of Amber Palace is one of the most significant features of the Palace. However, it has not received the attention that it truly deserves. Amber palace has two sources of water – Maota Lake and rainwater harvesting within the palace. A series of six structures (buildings) lift water from Maota Lake all the way up to the fort through a complex relay-rehant system. Unlike Rainwater Harvesting System (RWH) of Fort Jaigarh and Nahargarh, which collect water from surrounding hills, Amber Palace uses a much more sophisticated mechanism to lift water few hundred feet above.

  • Timings

  • Walk duration: 2 hours

  • Amber Palace Water walk is open from 8am-5pm (winters)/10am-5pm (summers)


Indian Nationals INR 1300/- per person

Internationals / Foreigners INR 1750/- per person