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Jaipur is a fascinating city. It is bustling, sprawling, crazily busy and extremely interesting. A town built about 300 years ago by a medieval Hindu King known for his wide ranging interests and statesmanship, Jaipur is home to many arts and handicrafts.

It is a popular tourist ‘must see’ destination as well!

Jaipur Diaries is an attempt to allow visitors experience the unique and rich handicrafts and artisan traditions of our lovely home town.

You can check out this website for Things to do in Jaipur for kids, youngsters and  families. 

Why Choose Us

We at Jaipur Diaries believe in being the perfect host to our guests by providing them with unique experiences to weave their own exquisite memories.


We are a collection of talented individuals who are passionate about our city, our arts and crafts, our environment and a slower, richer, more varied pace of life!


To know more about the craft workshops in Rajasthan and unique experiences in Jaipur keep following our blog.

What our Clients Say

We have recieved excellent reviews from all the people who have experienced our unique workshops and culture and theme tours in Jaipur . Below is what few of them say about us.

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