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Jaipur is a fascinating city. It is bustling, sprawling, crazily busy and extremely interesting. A town built about 300 years ago by a medieval Hindu King known for his wide ranging interests and statesmanship, Jaipur is home to many arts and handicrafts.

It is a popular tourist ‘must see’ destination as well!

Jaipur Diaries is an attempt to allow visitors experience the unique and rich handicrafts and artisan traditions of our lovely home town.

You can check out this website for Things to do in Jaipur for kids, youngsters and  families. 

  • Yoga Classes

    Yoga Classes

    Delve into the rich heritage of the country and learn some Yoga postures from the experienced and knowledgeable teachers.

  • Bollywood Dance

    Bollywood Dance

    Are you a Bollywood dance fan and cannot get enough of those trippy dance moves? Get a chance to learn and recreate the popular Bollywood dance steps with us!

  • Jaipur Heritage Walks

    Jaipur Heritage Walks

    Our sister concern firm ‘Virasat Experiences’ is carefully designed “walking Tours”

  • Saree Tying

    Saree Tying

    It doesn't matter if any woman is Indian or not. Saree, adds charm to her beauty. Flaunt it with pride on social occasions. It looks good on all.

  • Count the Spots

    Count the Spots

    Jaipur is a bustling city of 4 million, that live in and around this unique city. Jaipur is unique for many reasons including the ring of reasonably well forested Aravali mountains that surround the city.

  • Barefoot college

    Barefoot college

    Come with us to Tilonia and its Barefoot college! Founded by Bunker Roy in 1972, this world- renowned creative space works in the field of education, skill development

  • Chandlai & Barkheda Bird watching Tour

    Chandlai & Barkheda Bird watching Tour

    Chandlai Lake on the outskirts of Jaipur witness different species of birds during the winter months, specially November-December

  • Discover Pink city on Bicycle

    Discover Pink city on Bicycle

    The tour is of 3 hrs, starts early morning at 5:45: AM and end by 9: AM

  • <!--Water Walk at Amber Palace-->  Water walk at Amber fort & Panna Meena Stepwell in old town of Amber

    Water walk at Amber fort & Panna Meena Stepwell in old town of Amber

    The extensive water system of Amber Palace is one of the most significant features of the Palace

  • Water Walk at Nahargarh

    Water Walk at Nahargarh

    Built in 1734 during the reign of Sawai Jai Singh II (1698-1740) to protect Jaipur City, the extensive water systems of Nahargarh is one of the most significant features of the fort.

  • Sambhar Motorcycle Tour

    Sambhar Motorcycle Tour

    The Biggest salt lake in India at Sambhar is situated about 2 hours away from Jaipur. Vast water body with shallow salt pans

  • Village Cycle Safari

    Village Cycle Safari

    Discover the rustic charms and beauty of its people at a leisurely pace! Cycle through the verdant countryside around Jaipur with trained guides and support vehicle.


Why Choose Us

We at Jaipur Diaries believe in being the perfect host to our guests by providing them with unique experiences to weave their own exquisite memories.

  • Handpicked Workshops

    Handpicked Workshops

    These workshops are handpicked and unique experiences specially designed for you.

  • Expert Artisans

    Expert Advice

    We are a collection of talented individuals who are passionate about our city, our arts and crafts.

  • Best Price Guarantee

    Best Price Guarantee

    We guarantee these workshops are unique and we offer it at the best price.


We are a collection of talented individuals who are passionate about our city, our arts and crafts, our environment and a slower, richer, more varied pace of life!

  • Mr Neeraj Doshi

    Mr Neeraj Doshi

    A seventeenth generation registani*, Neeraj has decade and a half experience of working in the sustainability space. He has merged his passion for water and love for storytelling to create unique Heritage Water Walks at Nahargarh Fort and Amber Palace in Jaipur. He runs a small water management firm, Research Advocacy and Innovation in Water (RAIN Water). Neeraj is a graduate from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University, Boston.

  • Mr. Sharma

    Mr. Sharma

    Mr. Sharma has been taking Bollywood dance classes for the past 10 plus years. Besides these classes he is a professional trainer and dancer for music shows, films and choreographies.

  • Ms Karishma Belwani

    Ms Karishma Belwani

    I am a certified yoga teacher. I have completed my yoga certification board level 1 and 2 as yoga wellness instructor by Ministry of Ayush. My mat and yoga became the only thing where i found peace and healing in my journey and i aim to bring that inner peace and relaxation to my students through pranayama, asanas and dhyana.

  • Ms Nidhi Bhatt

    Ms Nidhi Bhatt

    Ms. Nidhi Bhatt is a trained Classical Kathak dancer with many years of experience training and choreographing shows besides group and solo performances all over India.


To know more about the craft workshops in Rajasthan and unique experiences in Jaipur keep following our blog.

What our Clients Say

We have recieved excellent reviews from all the people who have experienced our unique workshops and culture and theme tours in Jaipur . Below is what few of them say about us.

  • Swati ji

    आर्य निवास में आयोजित वर्कशौप में जाना एक आनंद देने वाला अनुभव रहा।राम अवतार जी के साथ पेपर मैंशी से अलग अलग आकार बनाने में बच्चोंं को भी एक नया अनुभव हुआ। जो आजकल के समय मेंबालकों के लिए अनोखा अनुभव था।ऐसा मेरा मानना है ।

    Swati ji


  • Megha Bhatnagar

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Natural soap making workshop. The best thing was working with one's hands with beautiful, textured, rich and fragrant- completely natural ingredients.
    The insights about each ingredient that Ramavtar ji shared were amazing.

    Megha Bhatnagar


  •  Manisha Bairwa

    It was wonderful experience to design a jewellery by using different seeds. At the end of workshop we found that whichever seeds I chosen was representing my personality very well which we rarely found in readymade jewellery.
    Thanks to Hotel Arya Niwas for organizing such a wonderful workshops at their space.

    Manisha Bairwa

    Organic Farming Expert Jaipur

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